Innovative project ideas for investors related to software development.

For the foregoing reasons, we have decided to show our projects with the idea of inviting investors who are interested to join us in the development of these business ideas. We are conscious that the decision of making public some projects involves certain risks, however most of our projects are protected with intellectual property rights. Help us to carry out our projects. Step by step we are fulfilling ourselves and our ideas thank to our partners. If you are an investor or simply would like to receive more information, you are welcome to contact us. You can do it by simply sending a message using our contact page, or if you wish, feel free to send an email here:


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How we work


Upcoming Projects

Dante in Thailandia   ALREADY STARTED 12.04.2008
Molière en Thaïlande   ALREADY STARTED 08.09.2009
Pattaya Interactive Map   ALREADY STARTED 24.10.2009
Asian Lady Project   ALREADY STARTED 26.10.2009
Click & Clean   ALREADY STARTED 03.11.2009
TV project   ALREADY STARTED 07.11.2009
Talking OS Gecko Speaker   ALREADY STARTED 14.12.2009
Fast, easy and intuitive Internet Browser   ALREADY STARTED 03.02.2010
Universal Video Downloader   email us to request infos
3D Virtual lady Universal teacher   INTEGRATED IN TALKING OS
Adventure Game Project   INTERRUPTED
Pattaya 3D photo quality Map   email us to request infos
Pattaya online Real-Estate Project   INTERRUPTED
Nakhorn Rachasima Interactive Map   email us to request infos


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