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Thai Lottery Lucky Numbers Generator

V. 8.1

thai lottery numbers generator

Statistical lottery numbers generator based on previous draws. Increase your chances by picking numbers and combinations statistically generated. All numbers selected are unbiased and are chosen using a random number generator that picks lottery numbers with the most chances of winning. The user can manually exclude numbers from the next session of generated numbers. Infos, Screenshots and demo. ข่าวสารทั้งหมดหน้าจอและการสาธิตฟรี

Only 29 $ !


Gecko Image Resizer

multiple image resizer

When you want to post photos or pictures on the Web or email them, it's good to scale them down to a small size so your recipients can load them faster. Or, you may need to scale the photos down to get them to fit on a CD, memory card, flash drive or to paste images into your docuuments.

Gecko Image Resizer is an easy-to-use multiple image resizer that allows you to resize a whole folder of pictures or multiple pictures at once in two simple steps. Infos and Screenshot and fully functional demo. Only 9 $ !


Gecko Casino Pro


virtual casino

Enjoy hours of fun and games with this nice Casino simulation. Slot Machine, Video Poker, Black Jack, Napoli Memories, Horse Race and much more. Bonuses, Challenges and surprises inside. Good Graphics and realistic sounds. Come on! Enter in the Casino and chip on various possible random outcomes. Let our Hostess and dealer Shania play with you.

Tutorials, rules and instructions. For fun only! Written in Visual Basic 6. Demo, infos and Screenshots. Only 9 $ !


Pattaya Interactive Map

best map of pattaya

A detailed digital map of Pattaya with zoom in and zoom out functionality. The desired position or area can be saved as jpg for further use. Drag and navigate with a mouse clic. Pattaya City and surroundings fully explained. From Naklua to Na Jomtien, from the beaches to the east lakes. Forms and photos for the most important places. An internal search engine allows you to easily find what you are searching for: streets, villages, hotels, restaurants, police stations, hospitals, shops and bars. Perfect for your presentations or business cards, as well as for your paper publication. The best map of Pattaya. Infos and Screenshots. Only 19 $ !


Gecko Click & Clean


automatic cleaner

Are you sure your computer is clean?

Extremely easy to use, 'Gecko Click & Clean is a safe and reliable way of keeping your PC clean. With one click, you will clean your system from cookies, logs, temporary files, corrupted files and so on. By far one of the best cleaner software, the most user-friendly. It is very easy to use: it simply does anything alone. Best of all it does it's job with amazing quality. Infos and Screenshots. Only 9 $ !


Molière en Thaïlande

Français – Thaïlandais

Dictionnaire multimédia Français – Thaïlandais – Français. Phonétique française des termes thaïlandais, indications grammaticales et clips audio. Des fonctions d’impressions avancées permettent d’avoir toujours avec soi uniquement ce qui relève d’une situation particulière. Menu intuitif; recherche par mot et recherche avancée. Un instrument essentiel pour les français en vacances ou résidant dans le pays du sourire. Un moyen de recherche et d’approfondissement ou simplement une aide utile dans les besoins quotidiens de communication et de compréhension dans le cadre de votre séjour. Outre les simples mots, le dictionnaire contient une sélection des expressions et des phrases les plus courantes de la langue thaïlandaise rencontrées dans les circonstances les plus variées, classées par sujets, toujours accompagnées de clips audio qui vous permettront d’avoir une première approche des multiples facettes de cette langue aussi différente de la vôtre qu’intrigante. Infos et Screenshots. Only 29 $ !


Dante in Thailandia

italiano thailandese L'unico dizionario interattivo italiano - thailandese in commercio. Redatto da esperti di madre lingua italiana e thailandese. Consultazione facile e intuitiva. Oltre 3500 lemmi nelle due lingue, per un totale di 7000 vocaboli. Indicazioni grammaticali. Fonetica semplificata. Clip audio (oltre 3000 lemmi parlati). Funzioni di stampa avanzate. Informazioni e Screenshots. Soli 19 $ !  

Radio Gecko en Français

radio francais En avez-vous assez de la mauvaise qualité et des fréquentes interruptions des services radiophoniques sur Internet? Voulez-vous écouter les chaînes radio de votre ville d’origine? Voilà un logiciel qui vous branche en direct et en haute qualité constante avec 144 chaînes radio francophones. Interface simple, intuitive et fonctionnelle. Infos and Screenshots. Seulement 13 $ !  

Radio Gecko in Italiano

radio italiano

Ne avete abbastanza della pessima qualità e delle frequenti interruzioni dei servizi radiofonici su Internet? Desiderate ascoltare i canali radio della vostra città d'origine? Ecco il software che fa per voi: vi collega in diretta e in alta qualità costante con 110 canali italiani. Interfaccia semplice, intuitiva e funzionale. Potete lasciarlo girare in background mentre lavorate al computer. Informazioni e Screenshots. Solamente 11 $ !


Radio Gecko auf Deutsch

radio deutsch 460 Deutsche Kanäle! Mit Radio Gecko können Sie alle Ihre Lieblings-Radio-Kanäle in deutscher Sprache. Infos und Screenshots. 13 $.

Radio Gecko Dutch

radio dutch Heeft U weleens last van de slechte ontvangst van onze Nederlandse Radiozenders ? Zoudt U terwijl U aan het werk bent op Uw computer tegelijkertijd willen luisteren naar bijv. Muziek van de Concertgebouwzender, een jazz programma van de Avro, het nieuws van de NOS of zelfs de radio van Uw woonplaats? Dat kan nu allemaal via Radio GECKO Via deze software heeft u een bijna ongestoorde ontvangst van 120 Nederlandse lokale en Nationale radio zenders. Eenvoudig en functioneel. Infos et Screenshots. 9 $.

Gecko Keyboard

virtual keyboard

Virtual keyboard for Windows that lets you type symbols, letters and special characters from any language in your documents. Infos and Screenshots. Only 9 $ !

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