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Thai lottery numbers generator


The lottery player has no other resources than previous draws and good luck.
“Luck comes to those that look after it.” (Spanish proverb)
Statistical lottery numbers generator based on previous draws.
Increase your chances by picking numbers and combinations statistically generated!

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thai lottery picker
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Since Version 10, the DEMO is no longer available. You can instead refer to the full


Statistical Engine's FORMULAS UNVEILED in the Chapter 3.


Strategy for winning in lottery plays a crucial role. Winners of lottery do a lot of research on the winning numbers and the probability of numbers to be selected. Experts usually buy series of numbers which increases the possibility of winning numbers that benefits the user in the end, but it’s more expensive, of course. The most clever and logical approach is done by the statistical calculation of probabilities.

"Thai Lottery Lucky Numbers Generator" is the first and actually the only statistical number picker developed specifically for the Thai Lottery. A complete application to generate thai lottery numbers on the basis of statistical data, percentage formulas and casuality occurrences.

All numbers selected are unbiased and are chosen using a half-random number generator that also picks lottery numbers with the most chances of winning, according to statistical calculations and manual exclusions. The user can effectively manually exclude numbers from the next session of generated numbers or let the software work independently.


You can never be sure that your lottery ticket will be a winning one, but you can increase your chances by picking more possible numbers and combinations statistically generated. Thai Lottery Lucky Numbers Generator will stop you from making guesswork and get you into a more scientific approach of lottery draws.

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thai lottery number generator  

The "Intro" Section.

The user can choose a draw date, read the rules of Thai lottery, the Tips, enter the Archive of previous draws, or go to the next section.

thai lottery numbers generator  

The "Archive" Section.

Database of previous thai lottery draws. An overview of all past draws is shown and can be printed. By selecting a specific draw date, the user can get the full sheet in pdf.

The software automatically updates the draw's results (internet connection needed).

thai lottery lucky number generator

thai lottery statistics  

The "Statistics" Section.

Numbers not drawn in recent draws and Numbers frequently drawn grouped by date.

Most wanted numbers.

thai lottery lucky number generator  

The "Settings" Section.

The user can manually update the database of previous draw, decide to exclude up to 4 numbers from the next session of generated numbers and choose the percentage between statistical calculation and pure luck.

thai lottery number picker

thai lottery number generator  

The "Generate" Section.

This is the main section of the application.

Numbers for the next thai lottery draw are generated, according to statistical calculations and manual exclusions, and can be saved or printed.


thai lottery lucky numbers generator  

The "Exit" Section.

The user can open the jpgs folder or check for application updates.


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Latest version: 10.0 - 29 $ (900 Thai Baht)


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